great buy

Great value for money, worked fine on all the firearms I fitted them on.

Review Trigger Locks

A good product - as sturdy as a "Trigger Lock" can be in a small package and it satisfies the "legal requirements" if that makes you sleep better at night. It does not fit ALL firearms as can be appreciated and some extra wide trigger guards (as old double barrelled shotguns with side by side triggers) would not allow the two mating parts to mesh, also on some firearms it fits rather loosely but it still appears to prevent the trigger being activated which is its sole purpose. For the price and and its ability to prevent most firearms being activated by the trigger I think it must get a top score. However some firearms obviously need a specially designed and fitted trigger lock for their particular configuration, if you own one of those firearms this may not be the trigger lock for you; however do not think you will obtain anything better than this for five bucks so it may be worth giving it a try !!!!! I am not a big believer in the added safety provided by "trigger locks"on firearms, as to my mind there are MANY steps in firearm safety before "trigger Locks" become an issue. In fact trigger locks are almost the last card in the pack and it appears to me to be just a "dumb politically correct thing to have to do" So if you need to be "politically correct - legal -or content that your kids can't shoot you or someone else with your firearms" this might be a cheap form of insurance in a crazy world. Just remember "trigger locks" will never replace proper firearm safety precautions and procedures in preventing firearm accidents. Have a great day

Work well

Good value, they do the job and keep you compliant.

These do the Job

These trigger locks certainly comply for NSW and do the job, represent very good value for money. The only complaint I would make is that the dials only rotate one way, but that may be the case with more expensive ones, I don't know. I would buy more when and if required.

Good product so far

i bought this items as extra security for my firearms both in the safe & whilst travelling - found to be easy to set code & so far seem to be without fault. I did , however wimp out a bit & tested operation multiple times before fitting to my guns - worried that they would not release , creating a major drama/irritation - so far, so good - would recommend these items as useful & a good additional security device


  • Combination Trigger Locks
  • Soft Inner Rubber to so your guns dont get scratched
  • Alloy with Black Hammer tone finish.
  • Angled teeth for secure locking
  • Inner pins adjust & spring in & out to fit different style guns.

What is trigger lock?


A trigger lock is a device designed to prevent a firearm from being discharged while the device is in place. Generally, two pieces come together from either side behind the trigger and are locked in place, which can be unlocked with a key. This physically prevents the trigger from being pulled to discharge the weapon.

Although there are no universal standards for the design or testing of trigger locks, some state laws, maintain a list of approved trigger lock devices. In Australia, a trigger lock is one of the methods prescribed by law to secure a firearm during transport or storage.


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